Incomparable Things

In September 2013, after hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, I moved out to Portland, OR to join a startup that was fresh out of the NIKE/Techstars accelerator. I worked with the CEO and CTO to lead the interactive and visual design while we built a functional prototype. The app collected all the media people already create when they’re being active – from photos to location data, NikeFuel to tweets – and allowed the user to weave them together to tell visual, personal and cohesive stories that others would be able to collect and aspire to. The app was called INCO and although we won the Philips Innovation Challenge at SXSW in 2014, we were not able to raise enough money to continue.

Miles & Miles

Miles & Miles is the visual design and photography of Sarah Murphy and myself, Stefaan duPont. In March of 2011 we decided to leave our jobs as designers in NYC to travel the world for a year. For more than 15 months we traveled to 17 different countries. Since our return, we've started collaborating with brands that inspire us, to help them advertise in a natural and organic way.

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When Sarah and I returned from more than a year of traveling (Miles&Miles), I started building bracelets out of vintage camera lenses and selling them in our online store. I branded the store and jewelry as MadebySDPNT and opened up shop in a garage north of NYC. Within the next three weeks I had more than 80,000 visitors to the site and had sold more than 30 bracelets.

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J&J Discover Nursing

During my time at R/GA I worked as a senior level visual designer on this project for Johnson & Johnson. Our task was to consolidate three massive databases of information regarding schools, scholarships, and financial assistance into the most cohesive nursing resource available on the web. Besides being an exercise in information architecture and data visualization, the site had to be designed for all available screen sizes.

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Google Offers

Challenged with the task of creating visually interesting Google advertising that used the Google Offers tag logo, I proposed that we hang tags in a way that would represent a familiar item that would be available to users of Google Offers. I wanted to actually build these pieces for events, but Google ended up only using them for print ads.

J&J Lifescan

The first project that I worked on as a senior visual designer at R/GA was for Johnson & Johnson. Called Lifescan, it was going to be a web app to assist diabetic patients in tracking blood glucose levels and visualizing trends in their health over time. Unfortunately, the project was put on hold for financial reasons.

2011 NYC Marathon

When I failed to be selected by lottery for the 2011 NYC Marathon, I decided to run it for charity. I raised $4,135 for the LIVESTRONG Cancer Foundation during my training and successfully finished the race! I designed this chart for my social media streams to be able to visualize how much their donations were helping me. was one of a few SC Johnson projects I designed in my time at R/GA. This is one of my favorite concepts from the rounds of design that we showed the client.

MINIUSA Configurator

My first project as the lead designer while I was at BEAM Interactive in Boston, Mass. The project was to completely redesign the very successful but outdated configurator.

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Verizon Community

Working closely with interaction designers, I was tasked with creating user's profiles in a way that would give them incentive to contribute more to the community. The design uses data visualization to show power users where their help is needed most, as well as how much their contributions have helped overall.


In house photography of the new PUMA golf shoe. During my time at BEAM Interactive in Boston, Mass, I was responsible for any in house photography or video production.

Cutting Room

Concept design for Cutting Room films.